The Other Side of the Camera

During the summer of 2013, I was asked to become part of an ad campaign for Daimler owned car-sharing company Car2Go. The idea was to share the stories of ten real people who use Car2Go. It was an odd feeling being on the other side of the camera, probably not unlike the feelings of some of the people who have been in front of my camera. Since I’m a very laid back and relaxed person in public, I just decided to be myself, and everything went very smoothly. I learned a ton of great information in the process, giving me a new respect and workflow for the next time someone is in front of one of my cameras.

A big thank you to photographer Morgan Silk for coming over from the UK to photograph all the Car2Go Heroes. It was great meeting two of the other “heroes” in the campaign, Emillie and Andrew. EnviroMedia of Austin was the great agency that put this all together, and it was wonderful to meet the people behind the ideas. Illustrator and graphic designer Kate Bingaman-Burt put together the cool print ads for the campaign.

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