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Gordon Moat Photography
The Other Side of the Camera

During the summer of 2013, I was asked to become part of an ad campaign for Daimler owned car-sharing company Car2Go. The idea was to share the stories of ten real people who use Car2Go. It was an odd feeling being on the other side of the camera, probably not unlike the feelings of some […]

Proposals and Estimates

How much would I charge for __________ ? Well, that’s not a simple answer, and what each client needs will be different. Images have a value beyond production expense. That value is in how those images can reinforce the brand of a company, or promote the business capabilities of a company. Over the last few […]

A Changing Industry?

Journalism and news have been changing for a while. At one time not long ago, simply having the large building with the presses, and a distribution system, was all that was needed to start a newspaper, though the barrier to entry was the cost. Largely the expenses were driven by ad sales of one form […]